Using Wechat For Your Wechat Marketing Campaign

If you’ve been around the block a couple of times and have seen the many blogs touting Wechat as a superior social media platform, you’re either really impressed with its growing popularity or you’re not. In either case, you should definitely take a look at Wechat Marketing. It’s a service offered by Tencent that allows businesses in China to market their products and services with a strong long-form content format. Long-form content (or content that is over a certain length of time) outperforms the more popular microblogging sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus when it comes to generating new online business. Wechat offers businesses an extremely unique way to market their products and services without having to compromise their quality or originality.

WeChat Marketing

Wechat Marketing is actually a part of Weixin, a powerful Chinese instant messaging service. Tencent claims that more than two billion Web Chat users have joined the We Chat community worldwide. As of Q22019, Tencent stated that We Chat has more than 1.322 Billion daily MAU, which is just a bit under Facebook and a little less than Google Plus. In this article we’ll cover some basic components of We Chat including how to create your own Web Chat Official Account and how to begin using We Chat marketing. The next post in this series will cover how to integrate We Chat marketing into your Chinese social media campaign.

When you join We chat, you will be given the opportunity to create your very own free We Chat ID. Your We Chat ID is the platform where your friends, family, and other contacts can access your personal profile. In your free We Chat ID, make sure to include your company name, your business name, and your contact details. Your profile will then appear in the popular online chat platforms as well as in the user search engine results pages. Your social media contacts will also be able to access your profile.

The long-form content that many people will create when using We Chat will be called “audio streaming”. These long-form posts are most popular among We Chat users. Audio streaming is a common way for Chinese consumers to express themselves through short audio clips. These short audio clips will commonly be used to discuss products or services on We Chat. It’s important to note that most We Chat users prefer the audio streaming format, and it is the most popular format for most Chinese-language We Chat conversations. The next time you’re chatting in We Chat, try looking out for some audio clips posted by your friends.

Since We Chat is a well-built multi-faceted social networking and microblogging platform, it allows its users to interact with their friends and loved ones through online forums. These forums are especially popular with We Chat users who belong to large, established businesses in China. Since Wechat has several hundred million daily active users, it is a good place for Chinese business owners to advertise to attract a greater number of customers.

In addition to being a powerful tool for advertising, Wechat can also be used to reach a larger mass of Chinese consumers. Wechat boasts a two hundred percent higher monthly active user base than Baidu and Yahoo! Search, both of which have smaller monthly active user base than We Chat. This makes Wechat an excellent choice for Chinese business owners who want to attract a larger number of new customers

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