Three Ways to Use Weibo As a China Social Media Marketing Strategy

Using Weibo as part of your online marketing strategy will give you targeted results and help you build your community quickly. Here are three methods to advertise on Weibo:

Influencer marketing – You can only get content on Weibo by partnering with a KOL or celebrity. Douyin accepts top celebrities and KOLs with respectable numbers of followers. Experts in niche fields are also considered to be considerable. Rewards campaigns and giveaways are also popular content on Weibo, and follower numbers tend to skyrocket during these campaigns. People follow accounts of idols to receive rewards, shopping coupons, and more.

Micro-topics – You can use hashtags to group content on Weibo. Hashtags help Weibo users find content on the same topics quickly and easily. These topics are also useful for building a community of wine lovers. Post conventional content about wine or related topics and engage with users. If you want to engage a wider audience, create micro-topics pages on Weibo and link them to your marketing campaigns.

Influencer marketing – Using KOLs is an effective way to reach the Chinese audience and increase brand awareness. As a result of the vast number of users, Weibo’s content has the potential to go viral. Moreover, you can use hashtags to direct users to your website. Using KOLs for marketing can help you build brand awareness, and increase credibility. With proper targeting and creative strategies, Weibo marketing will help your business gain a competitive advantage in the online world.

Weibo also has hidden native advertisements and search advertising. The prices of these ads vary from brand to brand. The most expensive keywords on Weibo are those that relate to the latest trends and can cost up to 800,000 CNY a day. Weibo users also pay for the chance of seeing their ads. The average cost per thousand is 10 RMB. Using Weibo to market your business will help you grow your business faster.

Weibo users are motivated by testimonials from other users. While a brand may be able to garner high-profile followers with a single campaign, it will be far more effective if people who post reviews and opinions on Weibo are not famous. These posts will be more likely to be shared and converted into sales. It’s the ultimate goal of Weibo Marketing to get the most out of it.

Brands targeting the Chinese market often set up official accounts on WeChat. Users can follow these accounts and engage in conversations with brands. The Chinese market is highly responsive, with 49% of users sharing posts that they find useful. In addition to that, users are also highly responsive, and choose content based on keyword searches. While choosing keywords can be a tricky topic, adding them to your posts can be a valuable marketing strategy for your business.

Using Weibo’s “article” feature can help you post longer content. Instead of limiting yourself to 140 characters, you can choose to include photos, videos, and links. You can even use gifs to increase engagement. If you’re using images, use them for your Weibo posts. Just make sure you include the gif in the middle of the photo. Weibo users are more likely to share posts that contain gifs.

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