The Secret of Good SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the most fundamental strategy that determines your page rank on major search engines. SEO content strategy helps you achieve that goal and so much more. SEO content strategy means the complete piece of your online marketing strategy which constantly demonstrates your expertise and the brand identity it imparts to the online market. From its most simple form, it’s any content you create that results in either an immediate rise of new organic search traffic or an increase in your inbound link popularity.


For example, say you are selling some kind of product or service. Creating content around this topic would be the first step towards your SEO content strategy. You could start with creating content around the features and benefits of the product, providing a detailed review and discussing the different ways by which customers can purchase the product and how the process of buying would be made easier. Off-page SEO efforts must include creating content around your company’s profile such as a website address, email address and physical office locations. Creating content around these aspects also provide backlinks to your site which will help your search engine rankings.

Off-page SEO strategies are the foundation for your content marketing strategy. This is where you build links from relevant websites and blogs and through your social media profiles such as Facebook and Twitter. These backlinks can lead to your main site and will help your SEO strategy. Another important factor is building quality articles using your keyword as the title, providing valuable information and engaging your target audience in useful conversation.

On-page SEO strategy, like off-page SEO, is the process of improving your SEO position on Google search engines. An excellent way to achieve this is by getting links from authoritative sites in your niche. This will not only improve your ranking but it will also encourage others to link to your site, creating a significant link building impact. Having quality authority links coming from high quality authoritative sites will work in your favour and is another fundamental part of any great seo strategy.

Another key element in your SEO campaign is submitting good quality original content. This content should be well written, targeted towards your audience and written in line with Google’s quality guidelines. Poor content, in many cases, will never receive a second glance from a search engine. It does not matter how valuable your content is, if it is poorly written. Most importantly, always provide your readers with a reason to click your link and this reason will almost certainly be linked to a page on your website with high quality content. Provide your readers with useful information that they will want to know more about.

It is widely accepted that article directories are the home of some of the best quality backlinks available online. When writing articles, focus on providing high quality information and writing in a way that will attract the attention of the reader. If you cannot think of anything to write about, look through an internet article directory for ideas or look for related information elsewhere on the internet. A well written article can attract thousands of visitors to your website within hours and will create links pointing back to your site. However, do note that the quality of the backlinks far outweighs the negative impact that they may cause. So long as you stay within the guidelines set by Google and other major search engines, your links will prove beneficial to you and your website.

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