How to Create a Creative Video Marketing Campaign Using YouTube Thumbnails

Youtube Marketing

How to Create a Creative Video Marketing Campaign Using YouTube Thumbnails

YouTube marketing is about creating content to engage your target audience. Knowing your audience’s interests and preferences will help you create engaging content. For example, if your target audience is a young female college student, you can create videos focused on that topic. You should also know where your target audience lives and their needs. In addition, you must learn how to create a video that will keep them engaged. After all, if they don’t buy your products, they will not buy them.

You should start by designing a thumbnail for your video. The thumbnail should be as small as 2MB in size, but it should communicate the content of your video. You can also use text headings to keep your viewers on track. Apple incorporates text headings into their thumbnails to encourage viewers to watch more videos. For the most effective YouTube thumbnail, start by making a screenshot of the thumbnail. You can then compare this with your competitors’ to see which one works better.

Using a custom URL will also help you promote your videos. You can use a short URL, but make it longer to increase your page rank. You can create a shortened version of your video using Google Analytics. You can also choose keywords for your video from YouTube Analytics. Remember that your title and description should contain as many keywords as possible. You should use CTAs to drive desired action. This will make your content more attractive to your target audience.

When creating your videos on YouTube, remember to add a CTA. You can ask viewers to subscribe to your channel or buy your products or services. However, many people overlook this step, so make sure you don’t skip it. Then, you should leave some dead space after your CTA. This can be a black box or an arrow pointing down. After the dead time, Google will suggest other videos within the player. Your link will disappear after a while.

A good description will help your video get views. It should contain relevant keywords and a brief summary of the video. If you’re selling a product, use the title to attract viewers. A video should also have a description with links to products and services. The video’s description should be short and sweet. If you want to get a lot of views, make it a branded video and include a description for each product.

Besides having a good title, a description is another essential part of YouTube marketing. A good description should contain keywords and keyword phrases. Moreover, you should avoid sounding spammy when writing it. The description is visible under the “Show More” button on YouTube. It gives the viewer a sense of the context of your video. This will help them decide whether to subscribe to your channel or not. They will also be able to find your videos.

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