Digital Marketing Trends That Will Shape Your Business in the Years to Come

Digital Marketing Trends

If you’re in the business of digital marketing, you’ve probably noticed that technology has made a huge impact on our lives. What seemed like a joke a few years ago may seem completely normal now. Artificial intelligence, voice search engine optimization, and data-driven marketing are all examples of things that businesses have to adapt to in order to stay relevant in the market. Here are a few of the biggest trends that will influence your business in the coming years.

Social media has become a major tool for advertisers. A recent study showed that 56% of users used social messaging apps to seek information, which is a clear indication that this trend will continue to grow. Another trend is the growing use of video content in digital marketing. Video is becoming increasingly popular due to its short attention span, and 74 percent of U.S. consumers watch at least one video online every week. And thanks to the increasing availability of video sharing on social media channels, marketers are able to reach an audience that would never otherwise have heard about their business.

Another trend to watch is the use of account-based marketing. This type of marketing focuses on personalizing messages to specific businesses, and often has higher return on investment than other types of marketing. This is particularly important for companies looking to sell to large corporations. Millennials and Generation X are hot topics in the marketing industry. A simple Google search for “millennials” yields over 129 million results, and the number is growing.

The effectiveness of content marketing has been proven by the rise of podcasts. Podcasts are another form of content that can be used to target audiences. Webinars are another effective digital marketing strategy. Podcasts are an excellent way to reach a targeted audience. And the growth of the digital media space means that the following digital marketing trends will continue to evolve in the years to come. So be prepared for an ever-changing market. You’ll be glad you did!

Another trend that has made a big impact on brands is “Shop Local”. The Coronavirus pandemic has severely impacted local businesses, so consumers are increasingly choosing independent retailers over national brands. However, the pandemic has also spurred a boom in e-commerce. In the future, e-commerce will dominate the landscape. If your brand can stay one step ahead of the competition, you’ll see explosive growth in your business.

Speaking of voice search, 61% of users plan to use it more in the future. The rise of voice search brings both new challenges and exciting opportunities. One such opportunity is creating “branded skills” for smart speakers. The smart speaker called Patron allows users to ask it a cocktail recipe and the brand gets a boost in brand awareness. This way, a customer can purchase a product without leaving the house. The trend is sure to continue throughout the next few years.

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